Saffron is believed to be healing in nature. It’s commonly used as a muscle relaxant. It may help relieve stomach aches too. Some pregnant mums use it to improve digestion and increase their appetite.
It is also used as a skin enhancer in beauty creams. Traditionally, there is a belief that saffron can act as an appetite booster and aid digestion in pregnant women. You can start taking saffron milk at any time during your pregnancy. Milk is a great source of proteins and calcium. It is best to add just one or two strands of saffron to a glass of milk during pregnancy. It is also safe to use a few strands of saffron in your cooking. Many use this herb to flavour biryani, kheer, lassi and other foods.

From ancient times, pregnancy and saffron consumption goes hand in hand in India due to various reasons. Ayurveda believes that right amount of saffron consumption can ease the pregnancy discomforts for the soon-to-be mothers. During pregnancy, skin becomes dry and dull. Saffron can be used in face packs to give a supple glowing skin.